Backpack PLUS Will Empower Community Health Workers

Backpack PLUS Will Empower Community Health Workers

A comprehensive toolkit to empower and activate Community Health Workers.

The Third Wave of Computing
Corpus Callosum

The Third Wave of Computing

Hear more from Theo Forbath at MobileCon 2013.

As Myanmar Opens Up, Will Mobile Money Emerge?
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As Myanmar Opens Up, Will Mobile Money Emerge?

Myanmar is easing sanctions and its economy is opening up.

What You Will Find On a Design Researcher's Bookshelf

What You Will Find On a Design Researcher's Bookshelf

Your guide to design research education.

Q&A: Industrial Designer Francois Nguyen on His Favorite Products at CES 2015

Francois Nguyen, creative director and industrial designer at frog, sat down to talk about the products that made an impression on him at CES 2015.

Initial Thoughts from CES 2015

In the world of trade shows, there is nothing bigger than the International Consumer Electronics Show. Last week, frogs from around the world joined 200,000 attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about the future of connected automobiles, 3D Printing, drones, wearable technology, and more. Below, frog Daniel McCallum (Executive Strategy Director) highlights some quick takeaways from CES 2015.

Alejandro De La Cruz: What was new at CES 2015?

A Designer’s Guide to Gift Giving

Illustration by Eli Myers

The best gift I’ve ever given was a 1940s Parker 51 fountain pen. It was a birthday present to my best friend Taylor, a PhD student with a professorial look — round tortoise shell spectacles, elbow-patched blazer, a leather briefcase and loafers. The pen not only rounds out his look, but it's one of his favorite gifts of all time. 

Designing for the K-12 Digital Classroom: Ten Influential Elements To Consider

In a recent frog program, I was part of a team that explored how educators in the U.S. K-12 education system are incorporating new technologies in the classroom to improve teaching and learning. We interviewed teachers, principals, and state leaders to understand the needs of educators in the changing education landscape. We found that new companies entering the K-12 space are likely to face several challenges. State and local budgets are still recovering from restrictions in federal funding during the 2011-2012 school year. The selling cycle is long and often requires a custom approach for specific student populations, meaning that scaling up quickly as a new entrant is difficult. Buying at the school level is being squeezed between centralized technology mandates coming down from the district and requests for new digital technology tools bubbling up from teachers.

From Code the Future to Al Jazeera Canvas

People join hackathons to meet and mingle with other passionate developers, exchange ideas, experiment with technologies, and challenge themselves with new ideas. We like to think of a hackathon as a moment when the seed for a new opportunity is planted.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in San Francisco through a New Approach to Social Impact R&D

The San Francisco Bay Area is notorious for the wealth of Silicon Valley, yet at least 1 in 5 Bay Area residents live in poverty. With housing prices rising 18% since last year, more of the population is struggling to survive than before. Poverty in the Bay Area is getting worse, not better.

When Objects Talk Back

The Control Dilemma

We expect a lot from something that is labeled as smart. But as smart as a product could be, data analysis and sensing is not enough to design a fully trustworthy experience. By relying on a product’s smartness, we tend to hide complexity. And by focusing on connectedness we outsource all controls to remote applications.

30 Weeks: How Are the Future Founders Doing?

frog Helps Transform Designers into Founders

A new study by The Design Management Institute and Motiv Strategies found that over the last 10 years, design-led companies have maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 228%. If design plays such a big part in a company’s success, how come there are very few designer founders? That’s about to change.