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Aesculap OrthoPilot 2

Aesculap Orthopilot

Motorists use GPS navigation devices to reach their destinations without driving off-course. But how do orthopedic surgeons find their way through the body when implanting an artificial hip or knee joint? Starting this year, they can use the OrthoPilot 2 – designed by frog design and manufactured by Aesculap.

A positioning device for surgeons, the OrthoPilot uses optical, radio frequency, and ultrasound systems to facilitate millimeter-exact placement of joint implants inside the body. A special 3D camera, information unit, and monitor provide the medical team with a highly accurate view of their every movement. Additional modules, such as active tracking, can be connected to an integrated BUS system – giving the surgeon greater flexibility in the operating room. The OrthoPilot’s clear formal vocabulary serves one purpose above all: ergonomic perfection. A flexible arm system makes it easy to handle both monitor and camera, allowing surgeons to focus on the procedure, rather than the technology itself, and a foot pedal provides a secondary level of control, keeping the hands of the surgical staff free to operate.

The OrthoPilot 2 will receive the coveted iF product design award on March 4, 2008 at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

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