Actionable analysis for values-based decision-making.


"What do you stand for?"

Do you notice a disconnect between a company's actions and its corporate values? Loop places the control over a company's public image into the hands of its employees and customers. Users can publicly share examples of company practices that are out of line with the corporate mission. In addition to public feedback, companies are ranked by “value scores” in environmental stewardship, accountability and customer value. Companies do not control their profile but can access a dashboard within the application to address issues and promote action. Extending the feedback loop beyond its office walls builds a company's accountability to their corporate values.

Team members: Jason Williams, Katie Boothroyd, Lauren Glasscock, Margaret Barnes, Taryn Sullivan, Travis Nelson, and Zoheb Munshi

Reinvent Business


Reinvent Business challenged creative minds from across design, technology, business and academia to build a more human and truly social enterprise. For two days, 150 change-makers gathered in frog’s San Francisco studio to rapidly ideate, design and build software concepts and prototypes with the potential to transform business from within. By translating abstract values into concrete workplace experiences, the 20 concepts below enable companies and the people within them to unlock their human potential, make better decisions and create a positive impact on our world.

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