Passion Junkies

At frog, passion is a big reason why many of us commit so wholeheartedly to our jobs, and it’s a big reason our clients want to work with us. They crave our ideas; they desire our ability to create change. Passion is contagious and addictive.

Anastasia Edel, frog San Francisco

Aric Cheston, frog Austin

Taylor Hamilton, frog San Francisco

Jon Freach, frog Austin

Lindsey Mosby, frog Austin

James Luther, frog San Francsico

Denise Burton, frog San Austin

Kate Canales, frog Austin

Brandon Edwards, frog Shanghai
“Creative wanderlust, in all its forms & interpretations. It’s a wonderfully inspiring world out there, truly.”
Amina Horozic, frog San Francisco
“Managing the realities of ‘transparency’ needs to become a strategic imperative for businesses as consumers and ecosystem partners are able to gain increasing insight into supply chains, customer preferences, pricing, cost, and bill of materials information online and in near real time. The Internet is quickly morphing into a ‘Global Microscope,’ which is both an opportunity and threat for businesses depending on how they choose to harness or ignore it.”
Theo Forbath, frog Boston
“I’m passionate about programming great user interfaces, diving into the latest technologies and collaborating with specialists from many different fields to ultimately help improve society as it is today.”
Bobby van der Sluis, frog Amsterdam
“I’m passionate about seeking out art and beauty in unexpected circumstances.”
Joyce Lee, frog Munich
"Shooting stars. Making wishes. Lester Young. John Coltrane. Nostalgic dreams of Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Charlie Parker and The Beatles. A cold container on the surface of which a drop of water trickles down like a homeless nobody, that contains world's third most popular drink (wikipedia). And some nicotine."
Somaditya Banerjee, frog Bangalore
“I’m passionate about life itself! I adore cooking (Russian, Italian, Japanese cuisine) and love to travel!”
Anna Lapunova, frog Amsterdam
“I love to draw people doing things or behaving in a way that’s not familiar to me. I guess it’s my way to approach other points of view and to communicate them to whoever sees my drawings.”
Ailadi Cortelletti, frog Shanghai
“I’m crazy about making brands real through user experiences while redefining human to computer interfaces. I think we’re at the turning point of shaking off old fashions of using and understanding technology, and we’re stepping closer and closer to the point when technology is in fact learning and adapting to the human physiognomy and traits, and not the other way around as we’ve been doing so far.”
Alvaro Marquez, frog Amsterdam
“I’m passionate about finding new ways to solve problems. If everyone else is doing X or Y, I want to find a Z.”
Adam Wrigley, frog New York
“Intelligent, lively, and funny conversations. My insanely energetic kids, husband, and jack russell terrier. Running in New York City. Art in any form, high and low. And the act of sometimes messy but always delicious cooking (both food and ideas). These all help keep me happy and healthy…and who I am.”
Reena Jana, frog New York
Design is a belief system concerned with nurturing human capacity and catalyzing practical objectives. Let’s place our faith in design as a way forward.
Jason Severs, frog New York
“Live your passion.”
Nelee Sim, frog Amsterdam
“I believe in the combination of creative and analytical thinking to solve complex problems. Design’s methodology helps mobilize teams and unlock new ideas when applied to strategy development. I am passionate about bringing these two minds together.”
Katie Dill, frog San Francisco
“My passion is to make things (big or small) which make everyday life a little better.”
Andreea Chelaru, frog Amsterdam
"The power of a magical idea, unique stories emerging from diverse cultures, creativity stemming out of alien environments, infectious smiles and -most recently- the multi sensorial gastronomical experience of eating a red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting!"
Shiba Sheikh, frog Bangalore
“Most design problems are either solved by creative coding or created by bad code. I enjoy taking on both.”
Robert Tuttle, frog Austin
“As an international designer coming from Brazil and working on different continents, I am passionate about expanding the design profession to emerging geographies. Through lectures and active engagement in the design network that I have been doing so far, I am bridging the design knowledge between the countries where I have been and Latin America, where huge potential and skilled creatives are in place.”
Rebeca Sa, frog Amsterdam
“My passion is to evoke consideration through what I create using visual and written poetry.”
Michael Evashevski, frog New York
“What makes me proud of the work I do is thinking that I’m creating opportunities for other people's lives. We don't always have the chance to work on ‘big-impact projects,’ but I know that every project I work on teaches me something that could be useful in the future.”
Laura Bordin, frog Milan
“I love to think beautiful things, and have them make sense to people.”
Guus Baggermans, frog Amsterdam
“I feel pasisonate about the thought that social and environmental projects are becoming the new trend in marketing campaigns. All spin and no substance.”
Jo Szczepanska, frog Amsterdam
“Using singular moments to create rich stories. And distilling rich stories into singular moments.”
Montana Cherney, frog San Francisco
"'The Night Watchman' is what my friends call me, not just because I'm the last one to lock the gates of my house, but because I go movie crazy during that time, and stay up to talk to my loved one who lives in the opposite side of the world!"
Alvin Vimal Mathews, frog Bangalore
“Navigating a world of new digital possi-bilities to take care of our planet and enhance people’s daily life.”
Frank Elbert, frog Amsterdam
“Discover the unknown. Exploring the world around me and discovering new things really gets me up at night – no matter if it is about people, places, activities, or myself.”
Vanessa Kuhn, frog Amsterdam
“I believe in ‘the future is lived, not imagined.’ I believe in ‘make it happen’.”
Seonmee Kong, frog Amsterdam
"My passion is to visualize and create futuristic and minimalistic ideas which can make technology more natural and humane for diverse user segments."
Harsha Kutare, frog Bangalore
“I am passionate about people. My wife, my family, my friends.”
Ingo Feisthamel, frog Munich
"I believe that science provides a universal constant for all the variable factors in social systems. I am passionate about integrating science and social systems with design and make amazing discoveries that will shape the future. I want to be the Archimedes and discover those Eureka moments in design."
Vaijayanthi Iyengar, frog Bangalore
I’m here on this planet to get you to say ‘aha!’ If I can bring off the awake moment, I’ve served my purpose.
Denise Gershbein, frog San Francisco
"Unraveling the meaning of design and design business at the intersection of the old world and new frontiers, old thinking and new desires in a paradox called India."
Nitin Gupta, frog Bangalore
“House music is a state of mind. I’ll keep dancing til the day I die.”
Gene Bonannella, frog Amsterdam
“Waking up at 3am to change the headsail and heading of my virtual volvo ocean race boat.”
Paco Mendes, frog johannesburg
“Sometimes underwater.”
Andrew Nairn, frog Austin
“We are only on this earth for such a short time, so it is important to me to remain open to life, to keep experiencing and learning new things, and to encourage others to do the same”
Jennifer Orum, frog Amsterdam
"Being different and chic to me is like an addiction. It applies to my design as well."
Azure Yang, frog Shanghai
"I am passionate about story telling in all its forms and avatars - the myths and legends that are passed on from generation to generation, often deeply rooted in Asian traditions and cultural education. And the lost art of listening - getting strangers to open up and share intriguing anecdotes. I'm intrigued by the artifacts of a great story - from photographs to treasured possessions. And finally, what really gets me excited is trying to figure out the best way to share and retell these stories in a manner that remains authentic and engaging!"
Kajal Vatsa, frog Shanghai
"My passion is to be curious about life, find reasons behind problems and solve for them."
Rachel Xu, frog Shanghai
“Creating a product that means something to people or can better our surroundings, even if only a tiny bit. Looking for that one unsolvable problem to unrelentingly obsess over like a beautiful mind or zodiac.”
joe Fletcher, frog Amsterdam
“Staying young is my passion, 勇于尝新的热情使得我们永远走在时代最前沿!”
Shine Chu, frog Shanghai
“Passionate about exploring and leveraging unique aspects of local markets, creating global advantages by preserving cultural identities.”
Roberto Veronese, frog Milan
"I seek adventure and love to explore the unknown. Break down un-reasonable barriers."
Wendy Yun, frog Shanghai
“I have a passion for people and the amazing stories of their lives. Recruitment is helping to build the next story in people's lives after having learned about their past…”
Stephanie Hain, frog Amsterdam
"My passion is bananas! A banana teaches you everything you need to apply a new systems thinking approach to design. It sets the bar for sustainable design, while having unmatched functional simplicity, elegance in form, as well a timeless icon with a built-in signature brand experience."
Mario van der Meulen, frog Shanghai
“Sea kayaking in the San Juan islands.”
Jason Boller, frog Seattle
"It is fascinating how a weaver uses math and creativity, reason and instinct to compose a beautiful piece of textile. In this world of new media, I strive to be a better craftsman, bringing to life the bigger picture."
Gaurav Bhushan, frog Bangalore
"Basking in the glory of Android, design intangibles, and star gazing. But maybe the real reason is that it's Batman time. You'd never know!"
Ramprakash R, frog Bangalore
"I get excited whenever I'm on the road, traveling across the world and connecting with people who come from completely different backgrounds than me. In fact, I feel most comfortable when I'm in a foreign country, and I have to rely on my instincts (which are sometimes wrong, but that's the fun part!) to understand the surroundings, the culture and any type of behavior that comes across as 'bizarre'."
Emily Chong, frog Shanghai
“What gets me up at night is the realization that there are wholly new, untapped research directions—I usually spend the rest of the night figuring out how to get there. By the time the dawn has kicked in, I know the optimal shape of the team, the ideal location, and who is willing to stump up the cash to make it happen. Admittedly, the other thing that gets me up is jet lag.”
Jan Chipchase, frog Shanghai
“Like all writers and wordsmiths, I am always looking to develop a deeper understanding of the world around me. My constant curiosity fuels everything I do.”
Melinda Flores, frog New York
"Life is a journey. I’m passionate about living my life to its best. Passion might change as one explores and discovers what’s around them, but it is that curiosity and constant discovery that keeps one going. Live, but not merely exist."
Jenny Tang, frog Shanghai
"If I want to innovate something which makes sense, I should improve myself first, that's why I always need to find new challenges."
More Tong, frog Shanghai
“I get so excited when I notice little instances where interactions in my physical world affect the way I interact with my virtual, gaming worlds or vice versa!”
Brandy Bora, frog New York
“At the end of my life I want to regret (some of) the things I did, not the things I didn’t do.”
Sharon Wassenbergh, frog Amsterdam
“I like to draw stuff from the future”
Michael DiTullo, frog San Francisco
To know where you’re going, you must first know where you’ve been.”
Greg Smith, frog Johannesburg


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