Purpose Corp

Should companies hire employees based on their future?


Purpose allows companies to publicly distinguish themselves as committed to their workers' purpose and potential. A Purpose Corporation pledges to prioritize the aspirations of employees throughout their career, beginning with hiring practices. Beyond simply branding organizations, Purpose also provides a people-centered tool to nurture and highlight an individual's career potential. Path to Purpose documents previous experiences and skills, as well future goals. By aligning corporate hiring strategy with employees' future potential, Purpose engages workers as active participants in their careers and their companies.

Team Members: Alex Dempsey, Allison Filice, Andrew Haskin, John Paton, Josh Danielson, Kim Sokolnicki, Lindsey Engh, and Liz Kelly

Reinvent Business


Reinvent Business challenged creative minds from across design, technology, business and academia to build a more human and truly social enterprise. For two days, 150 change-makers gathered in frog’s San Francisco studio to rapidly ideate, design and build software concepts and prototypes with the potential to transform business from within. By translating abstract values into concrete workplace experiences, the 20 concepts below enable companies and the people within them to unlock their human potential, make better decisions and create a positive impact on our world.

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