Google Analytics for emotions, illustrating the impact of employee well-being.

Sentimetric creates detailed profiles of an employee's emotional well-being. Bimonthly check-ins measure how employees are feeling using a combination of surveys and biometric tools. Workers control what level of data they provide and manage their profile over time. The resulting information, the employee's Maake score, illustrates the emotional health of the organization beginning at the individual level. Analyzing an employee's Maake score illustrates the impact of emotions on productivity, creativity and overall organizational citizenship. An understanding of the emotional impact of work can improve communication between management and employee, allowing organizations to become more responsive and considerate to the needs of their workforce.

Team Members: Dan Martin, Francesca Barrientos, Lynne W, Rupa C, Sarah Dopp, Tony Lyu, and Yu Jiang Tham

Reinvent Business


Reinvent Business challenged creative minds from across design, technology, business and academia to build a more human and truly social enterprise. For two days, 150 change-makers gathered in frog’s San Francisco studio to rapidly ideate, design and build software concepts and prototypes with the potential to transform business from within. By translating abstract values into concrete workplace experiences, the 20 concepts below enable companies and the people within them to unlock their human potential, make better decisions and create a positive impact on our world.

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