Wearable Technology and the Connected City

Wearable technology transforms the raw data of our daily lives to create a more resilient urban experience.

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In an age when data is our most abundant resource, wearable technology offers new opportunities to interact with the urban landscape. frogs across the globe created eight concepts exploring the potential of wearable technology to create a more resilient urban experience by transforming the raw data of our daily lives.

The Human City


As the rapid rise of the world’s urban population—expected to surpass 5 billion people by 2030—intersects with the growing influence of the networked environment, new questions emerge surrounding the experience of individuals and communities within the connected city. What is the role of technology in creating a more responsive and resilient urban environment? Can the “smart city” be human? To celebrate the New Cities Summit, kicking off on June 4 in São Paulo, design mind presents a special collection exploring the evolution of the urban experience.

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