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A BlackBerry Note from TED

I guess the format of BlackBerry-written conference posts resides somewhat oddly between blogging and Twitter, but in the spirit of presence, here’s a quick coffee break update from TED, thumbed in from my colleague Mary Anne Masterson:

“One of the key themes emerging from TED 2009 is that the way forward is based in resourcefulness, creativity, and smart innovation. Alternative energy use, smart energy management, robotics, and nanotechology are hot topics, and these areas are moving forward in leaps and bounds. Large companies are moving away from business as usual and putting new focus in responsible innovation. Emerging businesses are finding opportunity in the cultural shifts taking place. In as much as there are serious concerns to be addressed, it is an exciting time with amazing potential for change and for setting the seeds for new growth.”

Second day highlights included:

Shai Agassi on the car of the future

Elizabeth Gilbert on ruining genius

Tim Leberecht is the CMO of frog and the publisher of design mind.