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Occupy Your (Open Source) Education

Student loan debt, a burden for the majority of young Americans who pursued higher education, was brought to the forefront when it became a tangible demand of the Occupy Wall Street Movement this fall.

Techno-Optimism, Singularity & Jason Silva

Have you ever sat down with someone and had a total technophile geek out?  You know, the kind of conversation where you go from talking about social media to the science of cyborg worm holes? Well, if you are looking for that kind of future-thinking mind meld, you should chat with Jason Silva.

TransmediActivism with Henry Jenkins

For the “audience formerly known as the audience,” narratives aren’t over when the storyteller finishes.  Consumers are no longer passive but active participants; they contribute to the story development across all media platforms, whether it be film, video games, books or products. This is transmedia.

The Next Generation of Microfinance

 In the U.S. and other Western countries, access to higher education can easily be taken for granted when there are financial resources like grants or student loans to lessen the immediate burden of paying for college.

The Betterness Movement Begins

If the past year has proved anything about business, it’s that traditional corporations focused solely on profit and isolated invention will fail.  It’s time a social movement for change focused its efforts on business by demanding that they look beyond products and services by adding value to the communities that need it most. A new generation of entrepreneurs is stepping in to demand that businesses use the most innovative and creative solutions to make a meaningful impact for social change.

Design Zen

Author David Sherwin travels to a Buddhist monastery in Japan to understand the work of a designer and where ideas come from. Listen to his adventure in this latest version of our design mind On Air podcast hosted by Chris Sallquist.

Read more about David Sherwin's discoveries from his journey in Zen and the Art of Design.

Got X Problems?

With so many companies focusing more intensely than ever on innovation, why are so few seeing results?

In this episode of design mind On Air, Creative Director Adam Richardson gets to the bottom of this dilemma sharing insights from his new book Innovation X. Richardson argues that companies’ efforts to innovate are being thwarted by “X-Problems,” a new class of 21st century challenges that defy conventional planning. But Richardson has hope. If used in the right way, these problems can present massive innovation opportunities.

The Business and Innovation Trist

Image from swissmiss via

Business and innovation are in a symbiotic relationship. Innovative products and systems can be revolutionary but if they don’t take hold in the marketplace they will likely fail. So, how do innovators stay creative while also playing the role of business partner to reassure clients that innovative ideas won’t trump the bottom line?

The New Ecology of Things

(Illustration by Charley Harper)

Design thinking is a term — almost a mantra — that has resurfaced a lot lately. It has been especially poignant during this time of financial hardship, during which a number of traditional or conventional processes have been debunked and are being rethought altogether (let’s use it in a sentence: "Mr. Brown thinks that the publishing world could benefit from design thinking.") But others believe that design thinking has no basis unless it recognizes that the process is rooted in design-doing.

The Art of the Unfriend

Poking. Friending. De-friending. Messaging. Posting. Tagging. Liking. Ignoring.