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frog's Burning Man at TED 2012


frog Senior Principal Technologist Jared Ficklin isn’t your typical gadget geek (in fact, he was once on the PBS reality show, Texas Ranch, challenged with living the tech-free life of an 1867 cowboy).

When he isn’t designing user experiences and thinking about the future of interaction choreography, you might find him in the bowl of an Austin skatepark (he founded and codirects the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee) or you might see him creating sound visualizations in unlikely mediums.

Now, the man behind the edgy tech hacks at the annual frog SXSW Interactive Opening Party will be bringing his edgy presentation to a new stage: this year’s TED Conference in Long Beach. design mind caught up with Jared to discuss his journey to TED, what we can expect from a new presentation of fiery sound displays, and a sneak peak at the playful tech behind this frog's SXSW Interactive Opening party this year. 

Meeting People is Easy (LIFT 2012)

frog is excited to join the technorati at this year's Lift conference, an annual event that explores the cultural implications of digital technology. As a contribution to the event, we've created frogHub. What is it? You'll have to wait and see, but the idea is to bridge the physical and digital world to create an interactive experience for all conference participants.

The Kaleidoscope Mind: Some Easy Ways to Teach Creativity

You're never too old to make your mind agile, flexible, self-aware, and able to see patterns and connections that more rigid minds miss.

Javier Hans is on a mission to change how the world's youth think about creativity and innovation. At nine, he founded Inventors Without Borders. At 15, he was the winner and youngest entrant of the Invent Your World Challenge sponsored by Ashoka. Most recently, Javier spoke at TEDx Taipei, where he unveiled his immersive role-playing game, Inventors Village.

The Designer as Curator

The above slides are from a talk called "Information Architecture: Making Information More Accessible and Useful," which I gave at the HOW Interactive Conference in San Francisco on November 2nd. The conference was a three-day event focused on helping designers with a background in graphic design make the leap to creating websites, apps, and interactive experiences.

M-Commerce 2.0

Telco 2.0 is a London-based research firm focusing on innovative business models for the telco industry. It cultivates a strong network of decision-makers from communicatons, media, banking, and technology and runs several industry conferences. frog is an official sponsor of this year’s Telco 2.0 New Digital Economics conference, M-Commerce 2.0: How Personal Data Will Revolutionize Customer Engagement.

All Your Devices Belong to Us

This November 2nd, frog Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston will explore the transition to third wave of computing at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco.

Sharing our PICNIC blanket

Urban environments hold many promises for a better future, simply because of their massive scale and density. Cities generate jobs and incomes, they can provide education, healthcare and other services more efficiently than less densely settled areas, thus giving more opportunity for people to climb the steep social ladder.

frog's SXSW '12 Panel Picker Submissions

Summer is coming to a close, but the season for geeking out has just begun. It’s that time of year when the Technorati reveal their latest theories on the impact of social media, technology, and design on culture and business. That’s right: SXSW Interactive has published this year’s ‘panel picker’ submissions, asking the Internet to vote on their favorite panels and presentations they hope to see at the conference in March.

frog at Frontiers of Interaction '11

In the age of information overload and data glut, where Americans consume about 1.3 trillion hours worth of data on a yearly basis, it is crucial for the field of interaction design to evolve. The Frontiers of Interaction conference in Italy has become the Mecca for interaction designers to converge and explore the latest trends and challenges in their field. The event serves as an inspirational hub for thinkers and doers alike and brings together innovators, academics, early adopters and loyal geeks.

Beauty/Complexity: The TED Salon in London

TED Salon May 2011

Welcoming a Unicorn Theatre jammed with 250 TEDsters old and new, host and TED's European director Bruno Giussani promised "possibly one of the most eclectic programs we've ever put together" on Wednesday night in London at the spring TED Salon. The Salon was hosted in collaboration with TEDGlobal partner frog. And eclectic it was, covering design, education, synthetic life, contemporary art, flowers, child marriage, and the sound of space, among others, under the theme "Beauty/Complexity".

"Grace and magnificence often hide intricate realities, while elaborate systems frequently express themselves in captivating and comely ways", Giussani said laying the stage for the two-sessions event.