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Bananas - The Secret to Sustainable Design


It's a known fact that the world we live in has at one point in time, been in the hands and minds of a designer.  Designers, whether conscious or not, have made decisions that determined the ecological impact of the products, services or objects we use today.  Unfortunately, while designers have the power to reverse a product's damages to the environment, most of them shift the responsibility to the consumers.  Ultimately, designers are the ones who should clear those challenges and influence the environmental outcome both upstream and downstream, all in one go.


On April 18th at 15:00, frog's Creative Director Mario van der Meulen will discuss the secrets of sustainable design at the Aalto-Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai.  In his presentation, "Bananas," Mario will uncover that the overwhelming majority of the world has been wrongly designed, and he will introduce a new systems thinking approach to Shanghai's creative community.  As a designer and chemist, Mario's talks have been rated as eye openers for everyone involved in the creation, distribution and development of products and services.

本月18日下午3点,青蛙设计创意总监Mario van der Meulen将会在上海同济阿尔托设计工厂进行题为“永续设计秘密”的演讲。本次演讲以“香蕉”为主线,贯穿于Mario的整个设计思考理念中,他认为世界长期存在着错误设计,作为一个设计师及化学家,我们有义务纠正并帮助人们开发全新正确的产品及服务。

Location 活动地点

Aalto-Tongji Design Factory
The Stage
4th Floor, Shixun Building
No. 100 Zhangwu Road (off SiPing Road)
Yangpu District, Shanghai 200092 China

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About Mario van der Meulen

关于Mario van der Meulen

At eight, Mario could list all 64 Crayola colors by heart, and today, he knows all of them by Pantone swatch number, plus the eco-impact each of those inks hold.  He is also the co-founder & director of research for China's GIGAbase Foundation, a non-profit research foundation that sets the standards of green design solutions for brands, manufacturers and designers to use.  Mario was also recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Innovation Pioneers of China by CBNweekly, one of China's leading business publications.


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