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Forays into the physical with thoughts on industrial design from frog's product design team.

Bun vs. Plastic Fork

A lifecycle analysis of a design before it flies is tough task, the specs are likely to not exist prior to the product being on the market. It’s next to impossible to locate the hidden toxic traps, logistic nightmares, and energy thieves without expensive testing of the supply chain form start to finish. It’s also possible to miss out on finding better logistic solutions, material and energy savings as well as consumer benefits.

So how about a middle way, a lifecycle guesstimation?

For example; after overlooking my rough guesstimation below, bun vs. plastic fork, (the scenarios solve the same user problem of eating a hot dog) would you rather suggest the solution that ends up in a landfill, or would you suggest the solution that ends up with more crop?

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