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China: Creators and Consumers of the Future


China, the second-largest economy in the world, is considered home to the world’s factories, manufacturing everything from zippers to photovoltaic cells.  With its population of over 1.3 billion and still a booming economy, consumption has been on the rise, leading to a new class of super consumers bred on instant gratification and constant connectivity.


The following is a glimpse of frog’s research efforts and the start of our trendspotting series, “China: Creators and Consumers of the Future.”  Originally presented at SXSW Interactive 2012 by Brandon Edwards (@bred) and Kajal Vatsa (@kaj186), our goal is to share the attitudes and behaviors of an evolving generation that’s blending its creativity and purchasing power to produce a new wave of products and services.

下面为大家带来的是青蛙设计市场研究努力的成果之一 -“中国消费与创新的未来”。该Presentation在SXSW 2102互动节上初次露面,由青蛙设计创意总监Brandon Edwards及资深设计研究员Kajal Vatsa共同完成,我们希望通过对于中国消费者的行为态度及购买能力等研究调查来对中国有一个更深入的认知,从而更好的服务于中国客户,为他们提供产品创新及服务的支持。

China: Creators and Consumers of the Future

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