Business and design in Asia.

Design Transforms Brands 设计改变品牌

I recently spoke at the Mstyle Creative Forum, themed “The Path of Creative to Business,” in Shanghai. This forum sought to explore the impact creative organizations, approaches, and perspectives could have on business.

I made a bolder claim: that the real potential of design is to fundamentally transform brands. Many companies (including many of our clients) look for simple bottomline indicators like units sold and ROI to demonstrate the value of creative efforts. But these numbers are often overly simplistic to the point of being misleading. The real value comes from effective and repeated use of the process of design within an organization. It’s the process, rather than the final artifact, that transforms. As the design process has evolved over the years to include alignment and decision support, ethnography, and business and technology strategy, it has the potential to touch more and more parts of an organization. Its interdisciplinary, iterative, experimental, risk-taking, failure-tolerant, and story-telling qualities, when repeated over time, make the design process more of a management philosophy that drives innovation and in turn, transformation.