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Disassembly and Reveal

Britney Badger's photos of disassembled household appliances are immediately appealing just because, well, COOL! Deconstructed mechanical guts!  But there are several layers of interest at play in these photos, each layer arousing a different visceral reaction, and which have in total probably accounted for this student thesis project to be so widely linked recently.

1. Tearing stuff up. Who doesn't love the idea of ignoring the monetary and utilitarian value of an object and ripping it apart, just because you can? So taboo. So fun.

2. Making the invisible visible. Considering that most of us have lost touch with how things are actually made or how they work, getting a peek under the hood (in this case an appropos cliche) is a treat.

3. Parts, parts, more parts. Seeing the sheer number and varying size of parts that go into a simple juicer reminds us how complex are the objects of our disposable consumer culture.

4. Design revealed. Every little part is designed by someone. Every piece has meaning and function. Everything that is created has the potential for elegance, thoughtfulness, appropriateness.

5. Color, texture, shape, gracefulness. The spectrum of colors, the materials and finishes, and the positive and negative spaces within and around coils, cogs and wires all come together to form a surprisingly appealing palette.

6. Juxtaposition. The parts all blend together so well that our normal perception of the attractive outer appearance and the ugly hidden interior components is shattered.

7. Composition. Finally, Brittny's brilliance lies in wielding these parts like a paintbrush. The resulting gorgeous, pensive vignettes make the components transcend themselves.


(via kottke)