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EV Drivers Get a Cure for Range Anxiety


The electric vehicle (EV) revolution has begun. But it can only be fueled if the right ecosystem is put in place to support the mass of energy-conscious consumers who hope to hit the road in one of the new EVs soon to hit the streets. In July, frog design unveiled our partnership with ECOtality to address this challenge with the design of Blink, a new family of chargers that can be easily integrated into the EV owner’s lifestyle. Now, we are excited to announce the latest addition to the Blink family, the DC Fast Charger. By introducing the DC Fast Charger, ECOtality further demonstrates its commitment to extending the Blink network, and encouraging drivers to put down the gas pump and make the switch to an EV.


With the DC Fast Charger, ECOtality is also hoping to dispel the myth of “range anxiety,” the conventional worry that a driver will be stranded in an electric car because the battery has run out. Available at major commercial locations such as Best Buy, the DC Fast Charger is meant to be the energy oasis, offering an additional sense of familiarity thanks to installations at gas stations, an obvious place to stop that conveniently fits with the driver’s existing behavior.

In addition to being widely accessible, the charger delivers the highest-power EV charge currently available and can provide a full charge in less than 30 minutes.  This means that drivers can charge their cars without disrupting their normal routine and allows them to drive anywhere they choose without limitation. Through the Blink Network Smartphone Application drivers can also easily locate charging stations and receive directions via GPS navigation. Drivers can also check on charge status remotely and receive completion or interruption of charge notifications that are sent to the phone.

The look of the DC Charger echoes that of residential and commercial products in the Blink Family introduced earlier this year, offering a clean and familiar design, inspired by the look and feel of a gas pump that drivers are accustomed to.

To make the EV charging experience as intuitive as possible, the design offers a dual color touch-screen interface to provide information on charge status, statistics and cost, convenient payment options and billing information, and a connection to the Blink Network web portal for assistance. An RFID-enabled payment system is featured below the screen to make it easy for drivers to simply swipe their card, charge, and get back on the road.

A 42" LCD display is featured at the top of the DC Fast Charger, offering retailers the ability to display relevant content, promotions, and other rich media to extend the consumer experience.

Thanks to the imminent arrival of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt combined with ECOtality’s plan to roll out charging stations in 16 major cities across the US,  it’s clear that drivers’ only anxiety will be which color to choose for their new EV.

For more details on the design of the DC Fast Charger, check out the video interview below with Andy Hooper, Director of Business Development for frog design.


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