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Findings From Doing Design Research on Lift Conference

At the beginning of May, frog design partnered with the Lift Conference in Geneva to do a bold experiment: conduct design research on the conference itself to understand what was working well and not so well about the conference. The organizers wanted to see if a design research approach based on real-time observation and interviewing of attendees could provide better and richer feedback, allowing them to further improve the already highly regarded event. A team from frog including myself (from San Francisco), Elizabeth Roche and Eleanor Davies (both from frog's Munich studio) and Till Grusche (Amsterdam) went to Geneva to do just that: put the Lift conference under the design research microscope.

In a refreshing act of transparency that reflects the ethos of the conference, the Lift organizers are making the findings public. Below is frog's full report.

frog is honored to have able to participate in the conference in this way, and thanks Laurent Haug and Nicolas Nova at Lift for inviting us in for this experiment.

Lift Conference Design Research

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