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Five Women For The IDEA Conference

IDEA Conference - a dozen men

The IDEA Conference starts tomorrow in New York City. It features an excellent line up of a dozen men. Only men.

I have been running a global innovation firm for the past 12 years and I regularly attend a variety of conferences that bring people from divergent fields together. This past fall I attended Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, and for a minute when I encountered this roster, I thought that perhaps it was intentional—that I was about to find a provocative supporting statement having a conference comprised solely of men—but no. The main statement is this:

The IDEA conference isn’t just about innovators, entrepreneurs and successful people of various creative stripes and hues deconstructing the genesis of ideation or discussing how networking stimulates their own creativity, suggested routes to fortune and glory or the actual value of eye of newt. That’s just some of it.

It seems like the perfect forum for a variety of perspectives, including a female one. Perhaps Elizabeth Diller, of architecture firm Diller, Scofidio and Renfro was their first choice, but they had to go with Charles Renfro instead. It’s not that the men who are listed aren’t first rate, it just seems that a lineup of various creative stripes and hues could easily include women. Here are five from the realms of art, social networking, design, food, and publishing who I suspect have a thing or two to say about keeping creativity alive, if glory matters, and all sorts of alchemy beyond eye of newt:

Perhaps we’ll see one of them on the roster next year.