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frog Earns Three IDSA IDEA Awards

frog is honored to accept three International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) from the International Designers Society of America (IDSA). IDEA is recognized as the preeminent international design competition and referred to as “the Oscars of Design.” frog will take home three awards, two in the Design Strategy and one in the Social Impact Design category:

  • General Electric: User Experience Design (Gold, Design Strategy)
  • Project Mwana: Leveraging Mobile Technology to Strengthen Health Services for Women and Children in Rural and Underserved Areas  (Gold, Social Impact Design; Silver, Design Strategy)

It is particularly exciting to be recognized in two highly strategic categories, which reflects deep and highly collaborative relationships with two of our most important and valued partners, General Electric and UNICEF.  

General Electric:

We have had the extraordinary privilege of working with GE for over 10 years, starting with the re-launch of under Beth Comstock’s leadership. Since that time we have had the opportunity to touch almost every part of GE’s business, from retail finance to aviation to ecomagination. In the latest chapter of our relationship, we collaborated with GE to define a strategy for increasing its capability to engage in user-centered design and deliver superior software user experiences across all of its businesses, from transportation to energy to healthcare. The strategy was developed and communicated over the course of 11 months through a broad range of tools and activities that engaged stakeholders throughout the organization.

This initiative has allowed us to connect with GE employees and their customers in ever-more meaningful way. As always we have been blown away by their intelligence, expertise and imagination.


UNICEF is a more recent frog partner, but this relationship has been equally meaningful as we have worked closely with their innovation team lead by Chris Fabian and Erica Kochi. Our work together has touched everything from infant mortality in rural east Africa to disaster response simulations. We see this ongoing partnership as an ideal opportunity to demonstrate a model for collaboration between design and the social sector.

The relationship began with hands-on work on Project Mwana. We worked closely with local teams to design and prototype a set of mobile services that deliver HIV lab results in real time to rural clinics, ensure that the results are directly communicated to infants’ mothers, and provide a source of feedback, information and support for the Community Health Workers. By reducing the crucial wait time for HIV test results by almost 60%, Project Mwana demonstrates not only the power of mobile technology to bring resources to areas outside the reach of traditional infrastructure but also the power of human-centered design to UNICEF’s innovation strategy.

We have worked closely with Chris and Erica’s team to translate this experience into a series of collaborative workshops to introduce officials from a nine different countries to the design process. Working together we have created a model for incorporating user centered design and real time data into a wide range of initiatives from education to sanitation and child safety that is being rolled out across the organization.

Download frog and UNICEF's playbook. 

For more information about Project Mwana: visit UNICEF Stories.