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Ideas, Innovations, and Disruptions at SXSWi 2013.

frog's Panel Picks at SXSWi 2013

The SXSW Interactive whirlwind is descending upon Austin this week. In anticipation, we have spent hours planning and optimizing our schedules to make sure we do not miss the next big thing that will be unveiled at this year’s conference. 

The implications of connected devices and the data they create will be dominating this year’s event.  While interaction design, product innovation, Big Data, gaming, and start-up culture still remain hot topics of conversation, it is the Internet of Things that is clearly top of mind.

From smart infrastructure and sensor-embedded environments, to wearables capable of helping us to live healthier lives, we are excited to share our 2013 SXSWi Panel Picks.


Approaching China
Innovation is booming in China as the country leaves behind its image as a copycat culture of invention. This year’s panels are focused on strategies for surviving competition and embracing opportunity within this vast and complex economy.
Survival Strategies for Brands in China
Presented by frog’s AVP of Marketing in Asia Emily Chong
Imitation as Innovation: Lessons from the Shanzai
Retail Therapy
The boundaries between brick and mortar, online, and mobile are breaking down as new engagement techniques are explored in interactive retail experiences.
Mobile Saturday: Retail is Going Mobile
A New Bar for Storytelling
Whether pitching a new business idea or mobilizing social change, the bar has been raised for the qualities of stories we hear. Panelists will explore use of digital tools, data visualization, and emerging approaches to engage audiences as storytellers compete for their audience’s attention and interest.
Yes, and…A Design Thinking Bootcamp
A workshop including frog Senior Strategist Graeme Waitzkin
Data, Storytelling, and Breaking Through the Noise
The Internet of Things is a Reality
The world of interconnected objects is upon us. We are increasingly likely to occupy environments fitted with connected sensors monitoring our behavior and ubiquitous machine-to-machine communication.
Parsing Reality: Shaping Play with Connected Stuff
After Big Data
Big Data exists, that much we all know. But the question remains, what now? How can organizations sift through information inundation and create useful outputs for themselves and their constituents?
Consumer Data: Can I Get Satisfaction?
What Do Sensors Mean for News, Society & Science?
Enabling Healthier Living
From the quantified self to electronic health records and an incredibly low bar for service improvements, the healthcare industry is experiencing widespread transformation as new opportunities are unlocked for both patients and service provides.
Designing Habits: From Big Data to Small Changes
The Innovation, Data and Health Care Ecosystem
mHealth: Take Two Apps & Call Me in the Morning
Sensor Technologies: The Future of Health?
Smart Cities
This year, the Smart Cities conversation is all about location with big ideas around ephemeral retail, networked infrastructures, ambient location services, and interactive maps.
Pop (Up) Culture
Maps as the Emotional Connective Tissue
Is it Local? Scaling Local Infrastructures
Emerging Wearable Technology
Google Glass has everyone talking about the future of wearable tech, but SXSW panelists are seeking to focus that conversation on issues of personal data collection, mechanisms for monitoring one’s health, and ways of empowering humans through physical augmentation.
Designing Wearable Technology & the Augmented Self
Presented by frog Principal Designer Ahmed Riaz
How Electrical Signals Can Give You Superpowers
How Self-Tracking Geeks are Shaping Our Future
Breaking all the Rules of Interactions
The future of interactions with televisions promises to be a big topic of discussion this year, but several panelists are taking a step back from the interface-focused conversation to examine instinctual desires for engagement and questions of how design can trigger our senses and stir our emotions.
Leap Motion & the Disappearing User Interface
Beyond UXD: Transforming Experience Through Design
 Your TV Knows Who You've Slept With
Maker Movement
The DIY philosophy continues to dominate the SXSW workshops this year with strong representation from the hacker community and rapid prototyping enthusiasts.
Hardware Hacking: From DIY to Revenue
Lean Startup goes Mainstream
Eric Reis and Dave McClure are at it again at SXSW, and we are most interested in case studies on innovation metrics and in-market prototyping.
THE NAKED TRUTH: The Anatomy of a ROCKSTAR Product Cycle
BABY GOT (FEED)BACK: Measuring up with Hubspot, Sharethrough + Hotel Tonight
Gaming Disrupted
There are loads of gaming events packing the schedule this year, exploring issues of game design, democratization of the gaming ecosystem, the future of the console, and the next wave of social games.
Indy Gaming: Why Publishers Must Evolve or Die
The Future of a Fragmented Mobile Eco-System
The Future of Game Democratization
Looking for More? 
Outside of these trending topics, we're also excited about…
Is This Progress? More Meaning in Our Digital Life
Presented by frog VP of Creative Paul Pugh
HTML5 Hacks
Presented by frog Senior Engineer Jesse Cravens
Enterprise Invades the Apps Playground
Building Successful Teams in Latin America
David over Goliath: Power of the Sharing Economy
 Design & Science: More Than a Pretty Picture
Crowdsourced Small Volume Vehicle Manufacturing
 The New Serendipity?
frog is all over Austin this week. We’ll be hosting the kickoff party, leading panels, and contributing to the dialogue. Stay tuned to this page for real time commentary about what is going on at SXSWi 2013.

Senior Strategist Graeme Waitzkin and Interaction Designer Jennifer Dunnam are based in frog's Austin studio.