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Got X Problems?

With so many companies focusing more intensely than ever on innovation, why are so few seeing results?

In this episode of design mind On Air, Creative Director Adam Richardson gets to the bottom of this dilemma sharing insights from his new book Innovation X. Richardson argues that companies’ efforts to innovate are being thwarted by “X-Problems,” a new class of 21st century challenges that defy conventional planning. But Richardson has hope. If used in the right way, these problems can present massive innovation opportunities.

Grounded in insights about how customers, competitors, and technologies change quickly and often, Richardson provides clarity about the emerging challenges that business leaders face. Combining his experience in the trenches at frog design and insightful analysis of companies like Zipcar, Zappos and Hewlette-Packard, Richardson illustrates the framework companies can use to successfully thrive in today’s disruptive environment.