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Here Comes the Future!

“The Future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet,” science-fiction writer William Gibson famously wrote.

This week, the future certainly wandered into our SF studio as Forbes approached frog to facilitate a workshop that would help imagine and visualize common work/life scenarios that could be transformed by computing in the year 2020.

The day was filled with forecasting exercises and concepting that focused on how future technology would influence the key areas of Social, Travel, Commerce, Healthcare, and Media. frogs and Forbes editors and writers paired up with experts like Twitter’s Director of Media Partnerships Chloe Sladden; Facebook’s Senior Platform Manager Dave Morin; Principal Researcher for Nokia Jan Chipchase; Research Director at the Institute for the Future Jake Dunagan; and Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies & Long Now Foundation Research Fellow Stuart Candy.

Look for the outcome of the day in Forbes in 2010.

Until then, for a glimpse into the future, follow the Twitter feed from Tuesday #futurecomp or put your virtual avatar into one of the photos below.

frog Marc Fenigstein presenting the future of health.  (photo by Rod Graves)

frog Associate Creative Director Scott Nazarin and Senior Interaction Designer Kevin Hutchinson sharing their marvel comic-like representation of the future of media. (illustration by Nick Dragotta, photo by Rod Graves).

(above) frog Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston, Forbes Executive Editor Michael Noer, Nokia's Principal Researcher Jan Chipchase, and Facebook's Dave Morin musing over the future of social. (photo by Rod Graves)

Mark Rolston, "The problem with computing today is that you still need computers?" (photo by Rod Graves)

Hmm, what does the future look like?