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Hub Culture

For the past four winters, the Davos Hub Culture Pavilion has opened its doors across the street from the World Economic Forum’s epicenter during the organization’s Annual Meeting. Inside, “the global collaboration network” and its partners—2013’s lineup included Blackberry, Cognizant, CNN, GE, and the Wall Street Journal with additional support from Edelman and frog—host brainstorming and deal-making sessions focused on creating unexpected connections between people, ideas, and capital around the world.  

What originated a decade ago as an online network to connect tech-savvy, globally-minded individuals across urban “hubs” has evolved, 25,000 connections later, into a distinct social experience spanning the physical and virtual worlds.

 Hub Culture’s online platform uses collaborative technology to help its members trade files and share knowledge while also highlighting areas of expertise to encourage business connections and drive deals.

Pavilions manifest Hub Culture’s collaborative approach, leveraging the benefits of its online platform and network to enhance connections between members in shared physical spaces.  Hub Culture operates Pavilions—some temporary, some permanent, always uniquely designed and carbon conscious—in key global cities, providing central spaces for its members to meet, work, and brainstorm. 

Interested in experiencing Hub Culture for yourself? Pavilions are planned for Art Hong Kong, the Venice Biennale and America’s Cup, among others. 

 Images: Hub Cultre on Flickr