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M-Commerce 2.0

Telco 2.0 is a London-based research firm focusing on innovative business models for the telco industry. It cultivates a strong network of decision-makers from communicatons, media, banking, and technology and runs several industry conferences. frog is an official sponsor of this year’s Telco 2.0 New Digital Economics conference, M-Commerce 2.0: How Personal Data Will Revolutionize Customer Engagement.

At this conference, Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston will speak on the panel "M-Commerce 2.0, the new wave." The speakers will converse about the issues surrounding the emergence of new M-commerce services. This panel will discuss:

  • How are smartphones and tablets changing consumer behaviour online and offline?
  • How long will it take for M-commerce to become a mass-market phenomenon?
  • What are the key legal uncertainties today and when will they be resolved?
  • How important is the social graph to M-commerce?
  • What will be the role of NFC?

Vice President of Creative Robert Fabricant will also speak at this conference on the panel "Curating the Consumer Experience," where the speakers will explore how to give consumers and users compelling experiences while maintaining trust and confidence. This panel will discuss:

  • How to give consumers control without creating an unwieldy user-interface.
  • What is the best way to enable content distribution across multiple screens?
  • Should consumers have total control over all the data companies hold on them?
  • Which companies will consumers trust to manage personal data accounts?

You can register for this widely acclaimed event here.  The conference will take place at the Westin Hotel in New York from October 5-6.