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Last week, MAK in Vienna, saw an opening of a much-acclaimed exhibition in the Industrial Design sphere. Guest-curated by Hartmut Esslinger, game changing approaches to product research and development will be show-cased at the Museum for Applied Arts. The overarching theme focuses on the main capability of design as an applied art facilitates solutions in the social, ecological, and economic challenges.

The exhibition brings together a comprehensive set of design innovations from corporate as well as independent sources such as: Amazon, Apple, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Philips, Siemens, and ZumTobel, as well as conceptual work from younger generations of designers and recent graduates. All objects have a common goal: manifesting the crucial role of design in the fundamental social and technological transformations in the 21st century.

Taking the dialogue beyond the discourses of formal aesthetics and stylistic education, the exhibition examines the function of design as an applied art and an economic driver.

“The goal of this exhibition is to demonstrate and communicate DESIGN as a strategic and holistic way of finding and creating sustainable and successful solutions and experiences, and to convey at the same time that DESIGN as a cross-disciplinary profession requires a new level of public and private commitment, from education to politics and the economy. We also want to encourage people—first and foremost creative talents—to become a part of this already global movement: DESIGN FOR CHANGE,” says Hartmut Esslinger to summarize the point of the project.

The exhibition features more than two-dozen cases of intelligent and future-oriented developments impacting on health, entertainment, mobility, work, household, and digital convergence. Enhancing the projects exhibited, every piece will feature additional information on processes involved, quotes from designers and corporate stakeholders. The ‘Future Laboratory’ presents new solutions created by graduates of the Master Course ID 2 from University of Applied Arts Vienna (amongst others), where Hartmut Esslinger has been teaching for five years until last year.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a discursive symposium, a Design Nite and is part of the Vienna Design Week, held from September, 28 to October, 7, marking the closing date of the exhibition.

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