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Meeting People is Easy (LIFT 2012)

frog is excited to join the technorati at this year's Lift conference, an annual event that explores the cultural implications of digital technology. As a contribution to the event, we've created frogHub. What is it? You'll have to wait and see, but the idea is to bridge the physical and digital world to create an interactive experience for all conference participants.

In creating frogHub, we were inspired by the science fiction futures of author Cory Doctorow (as we have done in past events and projects) specifically those found in his book Down And Out In the Magic Kingdom, in which Doctorow imagined a future of social networking that would visually display a conceptual social metric based on what others think of you. For this, the author coined the term “whuffie," which refers to the measurement of respect or karma a person gains or loses in their lives. In Doctorow’s future, humans have implants in their brains that visually project their whuffie, which has replaced money as currency.

For those attending Lift, not to worry: we're not planning any invasive brain surgery or chip implants, but we do want to bring the idea of an exposed social currency to life. Hence our frogHub. Again, we'll reveal more after the conference. For now, suffice it to say that it's going to be a visualization tool that disrupts the regular conference routine and brings participants out of their comfort zone. Oh, and you can be a superhero. If you're attending Lift 2012, make sure to submit your Twitter handle so you get in on the interactive fun.

Cue teaser video: 

Lead image from the book "Flight thru Instruments" as quoted on Smashing Magazine