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Newsweek Features frog design’s Concepts for “Resurrecting the Republican Brand”

frog design was asked by Newsweek magazine to provide ideas and design direction for “resurrecting the Republican brand,” featured in this week's (December 29) print issue. frog was one of four "hot (and nonpartisan) design firms" that Newsweek invited. Besides frog, the full-page feature presents concepts by Pentagram, Razorfish, and The Groop. The article is not available online (yet) so check it out at a news stand (and support print media!).

Since there was only so much space in Newsweek, here’s some more background on our concept, developed by our studio in NY:

"The Republicans need to signal that it will be different in 2012 – that they will be on top of their game. After all, it is the Republicans who have the best opportunity for political theater over the next four years, building up to 2012. That is their biggest advantage. They should make this theater as open as possible to participation from the American public.

Our approach focuses entirely on the build-up to 2012 and America’s fascination with how the Republicans will handle the race. In developing the visual language for New Vision we took our lead from a different four-year spectacle – The Olympics. The symbols of the party, the elephant, and the slogan have been re-rendered in a friendly, gestural style to suggest that the Republican Party is not set in stone, that it thinks on its feet and acts quickly. We have used a handwritten font to signal their new spirit of openness. And the imagery focuses entirely on youth, on the next generation to come of age in this country. This generation will look at politics as a competitive sport in the great American tradition. And will eagerly participate in determining the next Champion-Elect."


Tim Leberecht is the CMO of frog and the publisher of design mind.