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Now That's Thinking

I just purchased an upgrade to Apago’s excellent PDF Shrink app, which does the best job I’ve found of any app for compressing PDFs. Going the Print to PDF route in OS X is super convenient but with image-heavy files (say PPTs) it creates very bloaty files due to how it treats images. PDF Shrink cuts them down to size much better than the Compress PDF function in Preview, retaining image quality far better.

Anyway, I got the email with the new license key, and in anticipation of having to paste it into a registration dialog once, I copied it into my clipboard. Once PDF Shrink started up, this dialog appeared:

Now that’s thinking ahead. Just click Yes and it’s all done.

Why didn’t anybody else think of that?

AVP of Marketing Strategy Adam Richardson is the author of Innovation X: Why a Company’s Toughest Problems are its Greatest Advantage. His book is the manual for leaders looking for clarity about the emerging challenges facing their businesses. You can follow Adam on Twitter @richardsona.