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Post: 21st Century Micro Agriculture

Here’s an interesting remix of what Matt Jones has recently called the Gershenfeld-Negroponte switch (intangible services who think they are tangible products, and tangible products who think they are intangible services).
Check out Le Verdure del Mio Orto (via Gianluca Brugnoli).

Le Verdure Del Mio Orto

The website is in Italian, but worth a visit even if you don’t speak the language.

Basically this is a very intangible online service that lets you sign-up for a very tangible vegetable plot.
You get to choose the size of the plot, what you want to have it cultivated with and even if you want a scarecrow or tools available in case you care to come by and do some of the gardening yourself.
You also get to eat what grows on it in the end, as vegetables are sent to your address of choice as soon as ripe.
All of course for a (pretty hefty) price.

Welcome to 21st century personal agriculture.

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