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Rethinking Big Data with frog

In today's age of hyper connectivity, data consumption and production will continue to grow at an inexorable pace especially in China and throughout Asia. Organizations will not only be challenged to manage, secure, and understand the data but also to create experiences that consumers find meaningful. With frog's Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston, Executive Creative Director of Global Insights Jan Chipchase and Executive Creative Director Rainer Wessler, we will explore the notions of radical transparency, intimacy and authenticity that are pushing the boundaries of big data in Asia and enabling a new generation of change agents.

在当下的这个网络世界,数据正在以惊人的速度被生产、被消费。如何更好地管理、保护和理解这些大数据,将是未来几年里,我们所有人的重要工作之一。而其中最关键的,则是要让数据对消费者有价值。本次活动演讲嘉宾包括青蛙设计首席创意执行官Mark Rolston、全球视野洞察执行创意总监Jan Chipchase以及执行创意总监Rainer Wessler。届时,我们将与大家共同探索、搜寻,究竟有哪些开放透明真实的理念在整个亚洲范围内不断推进着大数据的变革。

Join frog at our "Rethinking Big Data" event, to be held at the SOHO Design Center on May 16.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

6:00 pm Registration 签到

6:30 pm Cocktail Reception 冷餐鸡尾酒招待

7:00 pm Presentations 主题演讲


SOHO China Design Center

1st Floor, No. 299 Tongren Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China



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Speakers 演讲嘉宾

Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer 首席创意执行官

As Chief Creative Officer, Mark is responsible for driving frog's global creative vision. An early Web pioneer, Mark co-founded frog's digital media group in 1996, working with clients to leverage emerging technologies and setting the tone for user interface design and e-commerce platforms. Mark has been widely quoted in the press, including in BusinessWeek, The New York Times, Technology Review and the Wall Street Journal.

作为首席创意官,Mark Rolston负责青蛙设计的全球创意构想。 作为一个早期的网络先锋, Mark于1996年创建了青蛙的数字媒体组,运用新生的技术为用户界面设计和电子商务平台奠定基调。 他是一个在数字媒体、用户界面设计、电子商务和移动运用领域国际公认 的专家,并且其言论广泛地被《商业周刊》、《快公司》、《纽约时报》、Technology Review、PC Magazine和《华尔街日报》引用。

Jan Chipchase, Executive Creative Director of Global Insights 全球视野洞察执行创意总监

Jan Chipchase oversees frog's global design research practice that runs over 150 projects worldwide each year, spanning a range of industries including healthcare, mobile, finance, automotive through to consumer packaged goods. Based out of China for two  years, he ran projects across over a dozen 1st to 5th tier cities.  Jan is a renowned keynote speaker ranging from innovation, design, marketing and strategy conferences, governmental & C-level events through to TED.  His work is widely covered in the media including CBNWeekly, Economic Observer, New York Times, The Economist, Nikkei, Business Week and The Atlantic.

青蛙设计执行创意总监Jan Chipchase领导公司设计调研团队每年全球范围内服务超过150个项目。在加入青蛙设计之前,他曾任诺基亚的首席调研专家。他对于人类行为模式的研究准确地预测了消费流行趋为新产品开发奠定了重要基础。Jan Chipchase曾多次参与复杂的跨国设计研究项目,经验丰富,在将“以人为本” 的深刻理解融入产品开发方面,他的权威地位受到广泛认可。他的研究范围广泛,为了更好地理解技术给人类带来的影响,他寻访世界各地,探究其所处的更广阔的情感氛围,社会背景,与文化环境。他曾被《财富》杂志评为“全球技术界最聪明的人”,Jan的作品被广泛收录于国内外一线媒体如第一财经周刊、经济观察报、纽约时报、商业周刊等。

Rainer Wessler, Executive Creative Director 执行创意总监

Rainer Wessler has over 13 years of experience in strategic design, innovation strategy and concept design, helping clients in the consumer electronics, automotive, finance and retail sectors. As Executive Creative Director of frog Shanghai, he leads the studio's creative teams servicing clients in Asia.  Prior to frog, Rainer led multiple programs at the Vodafone Group UX team in Dusseldorf, Germany. Rainer has spoken at multiple universities and events across Asia, such as the World Economic Forum Summer Davos, Tsinghua University, and the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Global Green Summit.

Rainer是青蛙设计上海工作室的执行创意总监,他本人在创意产业领域有着超过十二年的工作经验。在他多面化的学科专业中,战略设计、创新流程管理、概念设计在其职业生涯中扮演了重要的角色。Rainer带领着青蛙设计创意团队服务于来自国内外的全球500强企业。加入青蛙设计前,Rainer曾在沃达丰集团领导设计规范化团队。他本人也曾受邀担任国内外知名论坛大会的主讲嘉宾,如“量化自我北京大会”、“Telco 2.0”、“彭博商业周刊全球绿色峰会”。他本人也曾接受来自《中欧商业评论》等国内一线媒体的采访。