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TED Salon - Framing, Constraints, and Play

I was lucky enough to speak at the TED Salon in London last week. Like many of you, I've enjoyed learning about technology, education and design from some great minds through the online TED-talk library, and I was honored to be a part of the event.

My talk was about the role of personality in creativity. While I can enjoy the simple and understated qualities of Bauhaus form, I've always been more engaged with and drawn to physical products that have character - that are funny, anthropomorphic, or playful. I've started to notice these qualities becoming more and more prevalent in digital products, too, and I find it a welcome change to the normal vernacular of "usable, useful, desirable" - that digital products need to be full of utility and easy to use in order to be successful. But in both physical and digital products, this type of character is far and few between. My talk unpacked why this is true, and described how framing, constraints, and play are the essential cultural attributes companies flex to produce truly personable design solutions.  

You can grab my slides here; I speak more to these topics in my book that's coming out early next year, called Exposing the Magic of Design (on Amazon for pre-order).