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As frog's secondary researcher, I look for trends and items of consequence throughout many media types as well as many different industries. One never knows where innovation will happen or what will link together to form a great idea.

The Always-Connected Youth of Today

A couple of articles have come out recently about how one reveals oneself online via Facebook, MySpace or other places like blogs and how that can affect a person. It depends on what the person is revealing, of course, and that is the same whether a person is online or standing right in front of you. A person is always revealing a side of oneself and rarely do you see the whole person.

However, seeing all sides of a person in a short conversation is as impossible as, say, being able to multitask, but that's another story. The human being is too complex to be revealed briefly. Revealing ones true self online makes it even more difficult, even if you know who you are.

Attempting to communicate with people when you are young, and supposedly not very in the know about one's true self, can be very difficult, and, apparently exhausting. Always communicating in the tools available to their generation generates a bit of anxiety, and on some level, performance anxiety. Patricia Martin predicts that these teens will seek out 'healthful infusions' and 'sacred self-protective practices' to help them in their ongoing quest to communicate.

My question is whether this is a bad thing or not? Is this a syndrome that should be checked and possibly medicated to deal with, or is communicating to people and then imbibing healthy drinks and doing yoga ok, and, possibly, even preferable?

I've said it before, and probably will again, but I wish I were a Gen Y member. I think they will do great things as a group.