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The Business and Innovation Trist

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Business and innovation are in a symbiotic relationship. Innovative products and systems can be revolutionary but if they don’t take hold in the marketplace they will likely fail. So, how do innovators stay creative while also playing the role of business partner to reassure clients that innovative ideas won’t trump the bottom line?

Yobie Benjamin is an entrepreneur, investor, and activist with expertise in innovation, technology, and new business models. As someone who straddles the line between the tech and business worlds, Benjamin has a unique perspective on what makes a good user experience and what sells. Beyond beautiful aesthetics and experimentation, Benjamin stresses that the most important thing is for the product to achieve is business purpose: if it doesn’t appeal to buyers, retailers will pull it off the shelf.

In this episode of design mind on Air, Benjamin shares his insights while also describing what he looks for when he looks at companies for potential investments. He also shares his thoughts on the future of mobile, the changing population of those who have Internet access, and his own personal goal to participate and contribute to efforts and companies that have profound environmental and social impacts.

About Yobie Benjamin

Yobie Benjamin is an experienced senior executive with expertise in innovation, technology and new business models. His last startup was a progressive ecommerce company called which was acquired by a Kleiner Perkins-funded Before becoming an entrepreneurial founder and CEO, Yobie was a management consultant and focused on technology, innovation, risk and information technology. His consulting career started as Chief Knowledge Officer at Cambridge Technology Partners. Benjamin moved on to become a Partner at Ernst and Young where he held three roles - Chief of Strategy, Distinguished Fellow, CTO - Security and Technology Services. After E&Y, he joined Computer Sciences Corporation as Partner and Managing Director of the Business and Technology Risk Management group. He began his career in technology as an engineer at Lotus Development Corporation.

Other highlights: writer, social activist, innovator in the consumer products space, software architect and engineer, and perpetual geek. Interests include: all things technology and music related, and good food.