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The Economist's Technology Frontiers Conference

The Economist's Technology Frontiers conference took place on March 22nd - 23rd 2012 in London. Over 250 business leaders attended thought provoking sessions, networking and exploration on advances in technology and how it transforms our work, lives and world. The summit was the first event to combine an exploration of cutting edge technology with The Economists insights into global trends. Technology Frontiers focused on the most exciting new technologies, but most importantly, it was about helping people understand how technology will affect business and society in the future.

After having joined the advisory board earlier this year, frog Executive Creative Director Fabio Sergio spoke on the panel "Technolocgy in Our Lives- Energy, Health, Education."  Other panelists included  Chief Technology Officer at GE Healthcare Mike Harsh and Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation, Marketing and Strategy Officer, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Antonio Hidalgo.

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