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The Powerful Game Cont'd

This morning I arrived to find my classroom empty for the final day of my Innovation course at CEDIM Design School, Mexico. I was worried about my students.

On Wednesday there was chaos in downtown Monterrey following the arrest of a leading member of the Zetas, a notorious cartel. The following morning, students arrived a little late, choosing slower, more secure routes to school. "We have to come, classes can't be cancelled for security - we have to keep on learning and living" one student explained.

So to find my classroom deserted, I assumed something awful had happened. Then I heard the cheers. Of course! Mexico were playing South Africa in the opening match of the football World Cup this morning. All the students were gathered in the auditorium cheering. 

As I joined them I mentioned my initial concern to a teacher. She pointed at 'Senor Loopy' - the notoriously friendly security guard on campus - as he crouched to get a view of the screen. "We have to cancel classes, of course, we are Mexicans - and we have to support our Mexico!"