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The Powerful Game

The Beautiful Game is how the British term football at its best, but here in Mexico the sport is once again demonstrating its amazing ability to bring people together.

Teaching at CEDIM this week, my students are under pressure to create systems which will enable an NGO based in Mexico City to become more financially stable and self-sufficient. Ednica works to reduce the number of children living or working on the street and CEDIM is a private Design & Innovation school based in Monterrey. I am moving fast between vast social chasms.

At a time when crime is rife, security is high and political and economic issues cause fractures between various classes and sectors of communities - there is something intriguing about football's ability to bind a nation. In Mexico City, images of the country's long presence during the FIFA World Cup are displayed around a central park, stretching back to 1972. Street vendors, business men and school girls stand together in awe at the depictions of their shared sporting history.

As Mexico step up as South Africa's first contender in the opening match on Friday morning, work will pause, as both Ednica's community centre and CEDIM's student cafeteria stand united by The Powerful Game.