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TransmediActivism with Henry Jenkins

For the “audience formerly known as the audience,” narratives aren’t over when the storyteller finishes.  Consumers are no longer passive but active participants; they contribute to the story development across all media platforms, whether it be film, video games, books or products. This is transmedia.

Transmedia is a term popularized by Henry Jenkins, Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Transmedia is at work all around you, whether you know the definition of it or not: in a marketing campaign like the Old Spice Twitter and YouTube coup or in education and activism. With all the talk of digital distraction and Millenials allegedly engaging in superficial "slacktivism," I dug up this interview from the archives so that Mr. Jenkins can drop some knowledge on how young people might be the best generation equipped for processing information and acting on it.

I sat down with the author of Convergence Culture to get his take on how to rally and educate the citizens of the digital world.


Special thanks to Molly Adams for her production assistance on this episode!