What Defines the Designer of the Future?

Sharing. Entrepreneurism. Coding.

What do these traits have in common? They belong to the designer of the future, according to a panel of experts gathered at frog Amsterdam in February to discuss the future designer.


必须承认,我不喜欢FOX和国家地理频道推出的全新的Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssy(宇宙时空之旅)系列剧集。当看到最美好的童年记忆变得面目全非时,你确实很难接受,不是吗?


Improving Access to Medical Oxygen

The Oxygen Gap

Rwanda and Kenya experience an infant mortality rate that is eight to ten times greater than that of the U.S. The top six causes are all related to respiratory failure, and in many cases these deaths are avoidable if patients receive proper ventilation and oxygen. However, access to oxygen in east Africa is limited, expensive and unreliable.

What Do frogs Read?

On a daily basis, frogs email tidbits of knowledge in the form of a podcast recommendation or an article link. We're constantly listening to the musings around us and believe keeping a list of podcasts, articles, and magazines is beneficial to our intellectual diet. So, we decided to pose a simple question to frogs around the world: What do you read? Below you'll find a list of the top five books, websites, podcasts, periodicals, and blogs we consume and love.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments. 




We Are the Builders of Tech Revolutions. Why Are They Still a Surprise?

We should expect another digital revolution, or two, or three.  In fact, I would like to think we could plot them like stops on a subway line, or – introducing free will – cities on a map.

Launching Point B’s Design-Thinking Center for Community Engagement in Myanmar

After more than 50 years under military rule, Myanmar (formerly Burma) is just beginning to open up to be a free and democratic nation. The people of Myanmar currently face challenges and complexity that vastly exceed the creative resources available to address them. Point B Design + Training (pointB), a partner of frog, is leveraging this unique time and context to change the story of Myanmar from seeing problems to creating new possibilities.

Reviewing Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

I’ll admit it. I was ready to dislike the new FOX and National Geographic series, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. You don’t mess with a man’s childhood memories.

From frog Milan: Design for Everyday Life

On February15th, frog Milan hosted the 3rd annual World Information Architecture Day: a global sharing of experience and vision among the IA community. Taking place in 24 cities on 6 continents, the Milan event attracted 120 enthusiastic participants to frog’s studio for a day of sharing and collaboration themed “Design for a Better Everyday.”


在TEDGlobal的一个机器人实验室里,Raffaello D’Andrea引导着四方直升飞行器进行着令人眼花缭乱的飞行,这台飞行器——或者说,机器人,比以往任何飞行器都能更快地处理数据,用算法来解决问题,并帮助进行学习。他的飞行机器表演着特技以及“juggled balls”,很多台飞行器甚至还能以一种协调的节奏共同飞行。这位D’Andrea身兼数职,他既是一个动态系统方面的教授,以及瑞士联邦理工学院苏黎世分校的管理高层,还是Kiva系统的联合创始人——Kiva系统是一家开发自动化仓库系统的机器人技术公司。