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Windows Phone 7 Marks a 180 Degree About-Face for Microsoft

Recently I wrote about why Google needed to take control of both hardware and OS for Android with the Nexus One. Others making hardware on top of Android had just not been able to create the quality of user experience that Google wanted, and, as the old saying goes, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

An interesting article on Gizmodo makes the same argument about Microsoft and Windows Phone 7:

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Google's Growing Pains with Nexus One

Things are a bit bumpy with the introduction of the Nexus One, with some customers complaining about difficulty of getting the phone running on T-Mobile's network, slow connection speeds, and complaints over T-Mobile's pricing policies for existing customers. The press is all over it:

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Google's Smartphone Move

Why Google had to take control of Android with Nexus One

Google's introduction of Nexus One, a phone to truly call its own, is a completely necessary move for the company. Only by taking ownership of the whole user experience will Google really be able to prove the value of its Android platform.