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frog's 2012 Technology Trend Predictions

While the Internet is buzzing with ways to survive the last year of the world (according to the ancient Mayan Calendar), frogs are thinking of other things that will shape culture this year. We asked frogs from across the globe to share their personal favorite tech trends that’ll crop up this year and what their impact would be on design, business, entertainment, and our daily routines. We had frogs from all disciplines—from strategy to engineering—draw from their passions and expertise to offer their input. Without doubt, 2012 is shaping up to be a year of hyper-connected, highly-personal, ultra-smart computing that, well, might just skip the computer altogether.

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A CMO and a CTO Walk Into a Bar...

A look at software architecture and engineering principles as applied to creative design, product development, and marketing perspectives

A CMO and a CTO Walk Into a Bar ...

Playing off of the obvious (and sometimes absurd) stereotypes of business and technology leaders inside product and services organizations and where they often direct their focus and priorities, our CMO and CTO characters* walk into a bar and order the same cocktail. While the CTO might be taking account of the ingredient ratios, mixing sequence, and transfer method from shaker to glass as the bartender executes the order, the CMO likely awaits the final appeal of color, aroma, taste, and most importantly, effect after delivery (especially if there is resource negotiation to be done with said CTO!). Regardless, both appreciate having a quality result in hand and getting down to business.

Especially important in the practice of software innovation and realization, the effort to translate and align different language, concepts, and perspectives among architecture, engineering, product development, and marketing disciplines towards a common user experience goal requires a person or team with hybrid or blended skills across design and technology along with a framework on which both objective and subjective requirements can be generated, analyzed, executed on, and measured.

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R&D: Getting Google To Eat Its Own Dog Food

Putting Google App Engine and related cloud services to work on Google Voice features.

 Getting Google To Eat Its Own Dog Food

In the process of migrating my personal and family voice communications to all digital IP-based components with wireless, cable, and femtocell, I jumped on the Google Voice bandwagon as the provider for voicemail access beyond our home and into the multiple devices we collectively use throughout the day. The experience of walking in the door to a flashing message light and scrolling through a caller ID list on a last-generation handset would be replaced with a cloud-based multi-modal solution. I had it all mapped out to be a sweet setup with my wife and I both having our smartphones and laptops as extensions of our home during the workday.

One problem ... Google Voice didn’t support my use case. The new message notification settings were locked down to a single outbound email address. Intentional or not, for me it was clearly broken but not beyond repair or replacement given my MacGyver-like DIY tendencies. It had been on my list to do a bit of deeper R&D and analysis into the Google developer platforms in general and App Engine specifically, so why not mix business and pleasure for personal and professional gain? Here goes ...

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Focus on Your Defaults

Dear software tools vendors – please check your defaults. Please increase the effort necessary to create visually abrasive applications – in most cases, it is far too easy right now.  I am asking that you make it more difficult to create ugly UI. Please know I don’t rest the blame for these atrocities solely on your shoulders – we technologists need to up our game as well. 

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Taming the Android

Unleashing and Taming the Android








Google recently announced a staggering statistic in a press release: 160,000 Android phones are being activated each day. That’s two phones being activated every second. Android phone models are now available in the United States on all the major carrier networks (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile). OEMs such as Motorola are betting the house on the success of Android. HTC has made a name for themselves with their innovation on this open platform. Carriers are also rapidly entering the innovation game and jostling for advantage. Previously, if a consumer wanted a smartphone, their only option was to buy an iPhone and switch to AT&T. Given Android's reputation as a highly capable smartphone, and its wide availability on all major carriers, consumers are rapidly adopting Android. Hence the staggering statistic of two devices a second.

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Welcome to the frog Technology blog

Welcome to the frog Technology blog.

For over 40 years, frog has recognized the unique value that comes from combining business, creative, and technology strategy. These three areas are inseparable elements of innovation. Today, our clients face unprecedented change, driven by the rapid advancement and convergence of technology. The technology discipline at frog focuses on these market dynamics and the technologies behind them. This helps us guide our clients and deliver meaningful products, services and experiences.