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SXSW PanelPicker Now Open - Vote for frog!

Summer may be coming to a close, but the SXSW season is just warming up! This week, SXSW Interactive opened their PanelPicker voting system that allows the Internet community to weigh in on the sessions they want to see next March.

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The frog-Microsoft SXSW Party: Recap

This Saturday, for the 14th year in a row, we hosted the official opening party for SXSW Interactive in Austin. For the first time, we partnered with Microsoft’s Coding4Fun team to throw the ultimate “Maker Arcade” bash. Party-goers sweated it out, playing a variety of new interactive games such as Electro Tennis (think Pong, except bigger), Connect Four (a revitalized retro classic where each person represents one game piece), Light Trikes (a physical recreation of the Tron light cycle death race), and the highly popular Boxing Robots (Kinect enabled 6-foot Rock 'em Sock 'em metal bots go at it).  The infamous augmented reality porta-potties from last year’s party could also be found as well as arts and craft/tech tables to make your very own LED throwies.

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Death and Our Digital Legacy

“Here it is. I’m dead, and this is the last post to my blog.”

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frog's Panel Picks at SXSWi 2012

It is that time of year again. This week, the geek chic, the entrepreneurial start-uppers, the early adopters, and the social media mavens flock to tech Mecca: SXSW Interactive in Austin. It is a five-day socialpalooza packed with inspirational keynotes, heated panel debates, and, you know, the occasional party or two.

We’ve put together the annual, beta version of frog’s itinerary—an open attempt to tackle the 1,100 plus panels with some kind of finesse (and to save you from hyper curation fatigue). 

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frog's SXSWi 2011 Party Wrap Up

For the 13th year in a row frog hosted the official opening party for SXSW Interactive, the geek-love tech fest in Austin, Texas. This year's theme was “Playing with the Time of Light" and that's just what we did with a number of interactive Microsoft Xbox Kinect hacks, including a Human Tetris knock off and an Angry Birds mash up.

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Missed Connections

The Interactive Community’s role in the sustainability movement is vital but cannot exist in a vacuum of lofty ideas.

Multitasking at panels and keynotes has become the norm, and South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) exhibits a particularly intense form of this behavior. It makes sense though, as this is a conference made up in large part by and for the very interaction designers who create all this multitasking software. Besides, there's so much updating, tweeting and micro-blogging to do that it's become half the fun of attending. And so in the vast, darkened presentation hall of the second keynote of SXSWi it wasn't surprising at all to see the electrically lit screens of the digerati dotting the landscape as they all did their thing during the speech. What struck me this time, however, was the relationship between what was being said on stage and what was being done on the screens of the audience.

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Social Entrepreneurship at SXSW

I suppose one can officially claim a “movement has begun” when the movement has a party at South By Southwest, and so we can now call Social Entrepreneurship officially “started”. The Good Capitalist Party will be Monday, March 15th, 2010, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm, and 1500 of your closest friends have already  RSVPed. The party is free, run by @Montero with the generous support of sponsors like Social Edge, Kiva, and my very own Austin Center for Design – an educational institution in Austin that combines interaction design (IxD) and social entrepreneurship (SocEnt) to make some awesome SocEntIxdFtw. You’ll probably be recovered from the frog party by this time, and so come out and say hello. I’ll be there, talking about frog’s efforts in social innovation – including Project Masiluleke – as well as promoting Austin Center for Design.

See you there :-)

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Down and Out in SXSW

The buzz in Austin is palpable: SXSW is in the air. At frog, we’re gearing up to host the 17th annual SXSW Interactive Opening Party. Last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary and wowed the crowd with Chinese dragons, drum lines and Burlesque. This year, expect more spectacle and maybe a bit of information overload as we go down and out in SXSW.

We look forward to seeing Interactive, Platinum and Gold SXSW badge holders for another legendary frog party. More info here:

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2010’s Must Attends

A look at our favorite conferences for the spring and summer seasons.

Despite winter’s continued icy grip, conferences are blooming. Over the next few months you can fill up on media tactics, mobile tech trends, social innovation strategies, and more. There isn’t an open weekend until August. Here are our must-attend, most-tweetable events for the spring and summer seasons. We’ll see you at a few.

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Casino Burgers and Irrational Behavior

I just got back from a nice lunch with Lou Rosenfeld and Kevin Cheng, made up of great hamburgers from Casino and some interesting conversation about publishing.