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Technology and the Rebuilding of Haiti

A SXSW panel spells out how mobile technology has the potential to be an enormous help in disaster zones around the world.

I attended an interesting panel at SXSW Interactive on Monday titled "Architecture, Technology and the Rebuilding of Haiti." While frog isn’t typically in the architecture or disaster relief business, there were parts of the talk that seemed relevant to what we do (and what we have the potential to do), specifically in the field of mobile technology. 

Blog  frogs on the road

Designing for Awareness

An emerging field of interaction design related to personal health.

Interaction designers talk a lot about a user’s emotional experience, but they understand very little about what motivates people to engage. How can designers understand triggers (signals, facilitators, and sparks) that help to change people’s behavior? frog VP of Creative Robert Fabricant investigates.

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SXSW Interactive Day 3

Clay Shirky and Beth Ferguson are the Sunday highlights.

Sunday morning, after augmenting realities at the frog opening night party, and having two days of SXSWi under my belt, I realized I still didn’t know quite what to expect from the conference. I do know, however, that an emerging theme for my personal SXSW journey is “nothing is quite what it seems.” Of course, it’s hard to decipher from session titles and even their brief synopsis just how meaningful the presentation will be for you. But more importantly, I was concerned with avoiding the passive consumption of that knowledge and, if I was inspired enough after listening to a speaker, how might I shift my consciousness, and perhaps even my behavior.

Blog  frogs on the road

Serendipity and Subtlemobs

Yesterday, at SXSW Interactive, I realized how serendipitous (and potentially harmonious) your encounters could become, even among the chaotic mission to attend tightly scheduled and provocative talks on everything from transmedia to DIY digital higher education — and then document it all.