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frog's Burning Man at TED 2012


frog Senior Principal Technologist Jared Ficklin isn’t your typical gadget geek (in fact, he was once on the PBS reality show, Texas Ranch, challenged with living the tech-free life of an 1867 cowboy).

When he isn’t designing user experiences and thinking about the future of interaction choreography, you might find him in the bowl of an Austin skatepark (he founded and codirects the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee) or you might see him creating sound visualizations in unlikely mediums.

Now, the man behind the edgy tech hacks at the annual frog SXSW Interactive Opening Party will be bringing his edgy presentation to a new stage: this year’s TED Conference in Long Beach. design mind caught up with Jared to discuss his journey to TED, what we can expect from a new presentation of fiery sound displays, and a sneak peak at the playful tech behind this frog's SXSW Interactive Opening party this year. 

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TED Salon - Framing, Constraints, and Play

I was lucky enough to speak at the TED Salon in London last week. Like many of you, I've enjoyed learning about technology, education and design from some great minds through the online TED-talk library, and I was honored to be a part of the event.

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Lawlessness at TEDxSF


“Take control of your own narrative,” Jonathan Abrams, the founder and former CEO of Friendster, told us on Tuesday night at California Academy of Sciences during TEDx San Francisco.

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TED2010 Day Two

A roundup of images, articles, and tweets from the stage in Long Beach.

TED speaker Stewart Brand. TED2010, February 9-13, 2010, Long Beach, CA. Credit: TED / Marla Aufmuth

Reason, Provocaton, Invention, and Breakthroughs: Highlights from the bloggosphere for Thursday, February 11

Brainpicklings Complete Day Two Roundup:

BusinessWeek’s Helen Walters Interviews this year’s TED Fellows
BoingBoing “Shooting Mosquitos out of the sky with lasers”

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The Theatre of TEDx Amsterdam

The pre-conference circular stated, "Think of TEDxAmsterdam as a theatre performance." That's exactly what it was; a day full of oration, music and emotion.