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Achievement Unlocked: Gaming, Living, and Learning

Lego tables at SxSWi

A good number of panels at this year's SxSW have been about gaming, whether about living a gameful life, exploiting game mechanics in tackling world problems, and (yet to come) discussions about how design and technology can change education. They reflect our focus on the knobs and dials that we provide to others: the discrete handles that we use to influence the game. But they also reflect the higher-order understanding of how gaming can contribute to a joyful life. Two well-attended talks today, by Seth Priebatsch of SCVNGR and Jane McGonigal from Institute of the Future, both in their own ways illuminated the impact of gaming as a whole on how we learn, how we live, and how we work together. This is a very raw synthesis of some of the ideas they've shared.

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frog brings GE's Desert Quest to CES

We're putting the finishing touches on GE's first social game, GE Desert Quest. GE will launch the game at CES, its first year participating in the technology trade show. GE will use the show to highlight two key products to support a clean energy future: WattStation, which provides a rapid charge for your electric vehicle, and Nucleus, which helps you manage your energy consumption at home.

 Here's how it works: GE Desert Quest is all about energy efficiency and rewards participants who are as judicious with their energy as possible.

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When The Game Gets Tough, The Tough Get Rid Of The Controller