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frog at Frontiers of Interaction '11

In the age of information overload and data glut, where Americans consume about 1.3 trillion hours worth of data on a yearly basis, it is crucial for the field of interaction design to evolve. The Frontiers of Interaction conference in Italy has become the Mecca for interaction designers to converge and explore the latest trends and challenges in their field. The event serves as an inspirational hub for thinkers and doers alike and brings together innovators, academics, early adopters and loyal geeks.

Blog  frogs on the road

Missed Connections

The Interactive Community’s role in the sustainability movement is vital but cannot exist in a vacuum of lofty ideas.

Multitasking at panels and keynotes has become the norm, and South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) exhibits a particularly intense form of this behavior. It makes sense though, as this is a conference made up in large part by and for the very interaction designers who create all this multitasking software. Besides, there's so much updating, tweeting and micro-blogging to do that it's become half the fun of attending. And so in the vast, darkened presentation hall of the second keynote of SXSWi it wasn't surprising at all to see the electrically lit screens of the digerati dotting the landscape as they all did their thing during the speech. What struck me this time, however, was the relationship between what was being said on stage and what was being done on the screens of the audience.

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Designing for Awareness

An emerging field of interaction design related to personal health.

Interaction designers talk a lot about a user’s emotional experience, but they understand very little about what motivates people to engage. How can designers understand triggers (signals, facilitators, and sparks) that help to change people’s behavior? frog VP of Creative Robert Fabricant investigates.

Blog  frogs on the road

Come Together: ID and IxD Collaboration

Last week at our Seattle studio, frog hosted the IDSA and IxDA  event “Whole Product Design”  where industrial designers and user interaction designers came together to explain the approach and collaborative process behind the products they designed. The event exposed the holistic design process (from form to function), and gave local designers the opportunity to show and talk about their work, as well as connect with other designers in the two disciplines.