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Mobile Mandate: Tribute to Cultural Connectors

Our team of designers on the ground in Zambia discover that meaningful connections and conversations can be as valuable as days of field work.

Given all the broken-down infrastructure, dirt roads, unmarked streets, potholes the size of small swimming pools and other hindrances to getting around in Zambia, our trip was pretty cushy when it comes to transportation. There are three ways to get around in rural Zambia, and 99.9% of people are on foot or on a bike. For longer distances, a handful of people brave a rather hodgepodge bus system. A few people - very few - have a car. 

Blog  frogs on the road

Shedding a Light On The Other

Last week, frog design and the Club of Marrakech premiered a new event called “THE OTHERS”. A diverse range of guests from arts, media, business, and science backgrounds took part in what should become a “Live-Mashup to explore what ‘new’ you can get out of an event by re-combining very different topics, people and ideas. With the goal to establish a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and to draw particular attention to an out-of-the-box approach, we brought together five unusual speakers – inspirators, actually - from different backgrounds at a vaulted cellar in downtown Munich, reminiscent of a conspirative meeting place, an atmosphere triggering exchange, collaboration, and serendipity. The experiment was split into two sessions:  while in a first session the speakers each inspired the audience for ten minutes. The second part of the evening was all about creating a mashup of their perspectives and ideas, moderated and led by Andrian Kreye, Leisure and Arts editor of German Daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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Mobile Mandate: UNICEF and frog, Together at Last

Today we’re excited to announce our collaboration with UNICEF as the organization’s lead design and innovation partner on Project Mwana, a major mHealth initiative to improve maternal and infant health and welfare in peri-urban Malawi and rural Zambia.

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Meaning and Impact: Design That Matters

Notes from Nikkei's Universal Design Symposium in Tokyo.

I was recently a guest speaker at Nikkei's Universal Design Business Symposium, sponsored by Toyota, in Tokyo, Japan on June 18, 2010. The theme of this forum was universal design, that is, "design that brings happiness to every corner of the earth," a more endearing description than the too often used "design for the 90%."

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Pop!Tech - Design for Social Innovation

I'm reflecting on the first session from Poptech, and what promises to be the most intimate - a group panel discussion with William Drenttel, Sheila Kennedy, Kevin McSpadden, John Bielenberg, and Emily Pilloton, and an audience of fewer than thirty. The discussion wound its way around a loose theme of Designing for Social Innovation, but what stood out for me are the following main points: