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How Honest Should Smart Devices Be?

Don't speak

Will devices of the future be just as as moral (or immoral) as our friends, family, and coworkers? Will they aid us in upholding our own sense of honesty?

In her panel yesterday at South by Southwest, Genevieve Bell posed the following question: "What might we really want from our devices?" In her field research as a cultural anthropologist and Intel Fellow, she surfaced themes that might be familiar to those striving to create the next generation of interconnected devices. Adaptable, anticipatory, predictive: tick the box. However, what happens when our devices are sensitive, respectful, devout, and perhaps a bit secretive? Smart devices are "more than being context aware," Bell said. "It's being aware of consequences of context."

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Achievement Unlocked: Gaming, Living, and Learning

Lego tables at SxSWi

A good number of panels at this year's SxSW have been about gaming, whether about living a gameful life, exploiting game mechanics in tackling world problems, and (yet to come) discussions about how design and technology can change education. They reflect our focus on the knobs and dials that we provide to others: the discrete handles that we use to influence the game. But they also reflect the higher-order understanding of how gaming can contribute to a joyful life. Two well-attended talks today, by Seth Priebatsch of SCVNGR and Jane McGonigal from Institute of the Future, both in their own ways illuminated the impact of gaming as a whole on how we learn, how we live, and how we work together. This is a very raw synthesis of some of the ideas they've shared.

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"Creative Workshop" Author's Talk at SxSWi



This afternoon I spent half an hour with a slew of South by Southwest attendees, sharing how my book Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills came about. I presented the above deck, and answered a ton of diverse questions from the audience. I've tried to capture some of the questions and my responses below.

Please be sure to go to the next frog talk on Tuesday, March 15, "Unwritten Rules: Brands, Social Psychology and Social Media" with Creative Director Kate Canales and Senior Strategist Ben McAllister.

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frog's Panel Picks at SXSWi 2011

In a few days, herds of nerds, tech geeks, and entrepreneurs will descend upon Austin, Texas, for the conference where technology, design, and social media converge in a hyper social explosion—SXSW Interactive 2011. 

A lot of veterans are offering all types of sage advice on how to transcend noob status (download that scheduling app and stay hydrated!), and how to savor the most out of the info-packed sessions brought to you by the digerati themselves. In the spirit of sharing (SXSWi content is part of the sharing vs. privacy debate), we’ve put together the beta version of frog’s itinerary—an open attempt to tackle the 500-plus panels with some kind of finesse.