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Rebranding America?

While 500 thought leaders from the US and abroad are convening at PopTech 2009 to “reimagine America,” Bono, in a much discussed op-ed column in Sunday’s NY Times, reminds the world of the “idea of America” – and defends the president who has set out to reinvigorate it:

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SOCAP09 (Social Capital Markets) Conference Brings Together Social Innovators from Government and Business

The Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) Conference, a landmark gathering of top business and government leaders creating market-based solutions for social impact, is taking place September 1-3, at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center.

SOCAP brings together a unique mix of the world’s leading social innovators – traditional investors, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, new media, NGO’s and non-profits, wealth managers, development agencies, venture capitalists, MBA students and other groups interested in the growing opportunities of social capital — who are catalysts of change across the globe.

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White House Launches Social Innovation Fund

The non-profit world is buzzing about the White House's Social Innovation Fund, a new $50 million fund to "identify the most promising, results-oriented non-profit programs and expand their reach throughout the country." The fund is tasked with efforts to enlist individuals, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and corporations in an attempt to promote and improve civic participation and national service through new media tools.

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U.S. National Design Policy Initiative Poised to “Redesign America's Future”

Design is not the answer to everything but it certainly has an important role to play in almost everything that holds a society together. In light of the current economic crisis, several U.S. professional design organizations (AIGA, IDSA, and others), design education accreditation organizations, and Federal Government officials have seized the historic opportunity and joined forces to launch an initiative to shape a U.S. National Design Policy.

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The Power of the Crowd, Revisited

Almost three years after Jeff Howe coined the term in his seminal article "The Rise of Crowdsourcing," and, ironically, in the very week 1,300 handpicked scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and other thinkers, movers, and shakers assembled at the TED conference in Long Beach, the term "crowdsourcing" yielded more than one million search results on Google.

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Obama Inc. – Web Activism for Profit

Photo by David Reece

[Photo by David Reece]

A few months after Barack Obama’s historic election, and a couple of weeks after the release of Barry Libert’s and Rick Faulk’s book Obama Inc. (and, of course, Obama's inauguration), the first start-ups are popping up that directly apply some of the widely heralded business lessons emerging from the innovative campaign.

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Marketing with Meaning: Starbucks' "I'm In" Campaign


In my recent blog post about the "Chief Meaning Officer" I suggested that "Only brands that give more than they take will be able to create sustained brand loyalty." Starbucks' "I'm In" campaign is a great example of a brand living up to this new concept: On the day after President Obama's inauguration, the coffee chain will be launching a major marketing initiative that encourages latte lovers to visit soup kitchens or otherwise commit to giving back. Between January 21 and 25, Starbucks customers who promise to do five hours of community service during 2009 will get a pledge card and a free cup of coffee at their local Starbucks store.

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Inauguration Immersion

It is only consequent that coverage of the eagerly awaited inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States on Tuesday is as crowdsourced, people-powered, and mashed-up as the campaign which got us this (once) improbable President in the first place. And it comes as no surprise that it is CNN, arguably the most innovative player among the big news networks, which is extending the experimental and experiential flair that has been a hallmark of Obamaesque politics 2.0 to the big day itself.

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The Business Leader 2009: Chief Meaning Officer


2009 will be a year of major uncertainty. The doom and gloom of the economic downturn, the deterioration of mass markets, the pervasiveness of the digital lifestyle, a host of explosive political conflicts, and the fragmentation of traditional societal institutions are causing anxiety and propel a new search for simplicity and non-economic value systems.