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Gaming for Health, Playing to Win

On Dec 11 and 12, 2010, nearly one hundred people gathered at frog design’s San Francisco studio for Health Games Camp. This diverse group of people included healthcare practitioners, game developers, user experience designers, entrepreneurs, and more, all with an interest in improving healthcare behaviors. This quasi-unconference, quasi-workshop used multi-level game play as the framework to create practical game-based solutions for real health problems. Julian Keith Loren from Innovation Management Institute and David Schafran played the role of Game Masters of the weekend’s activities, setting the structure of the event and tirelessly corralling, engaging and challenging the participants to push to improve healthcare games.

Blog  DesignWell

Health Games Camp

"500m people will be using healthcare mobile applications by 2015" - research2guidance 

Healthcare applications are becoming more and more important in providing people with information to make make better decisions and encourage healthier behaviors. Gaming has shown that it can affect behavior change in people in a way that is engaging and fun.