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Playing with Collective Intelligence: ILN Summit Day Two

A majority of the first two days at the ILN summit has been focused on how games can motivate and make visible our behaviors around health. In this sense, we’ve been learning about how games can teach us knew ways of being, but one of the most provocative talks of the summit explored how we can inform (and educate) games.

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Gamification 101: ILN Summit Day One

Today at Seattle’s Space Needle, frog design kicked off “Changing the Game,” a health conference in partnership with the Innovation Learning Network, where front-line innovators and leaders in healthcare will explore how to take advantage of gaming ideas and principles to inspire innovation in the serious world of healthcare. The morning was about breaking in the skeptics and getting them to expand their understanding of how gaming can be used to actually create change. frog’s Director of Business Development Teaque Lenahan coaxed the apprehensive luddites  critics , with a nod from the Journal of American Medicine that states,  “Health games represent an emerging tool that must be considered by community health centers, accountable care organizations, and patient centered medical homes.”

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Health Games Camp

"500m people will be using healthcare mobile applications by 2015" - research2guidance 

Healthcare applications are becoming more and more important in providing people with information to make make better decisions and encourage healthier behaviors. Gaming has shown that it can affect behavior change in people in a way that is engaging and fun.

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The Gamification of Healthcare

When I started to use Nike Plus I couldn't imagine I would end up enjoying running so much. Nike Plus allowed me to keep a record of all of my runs and gather feedback and motivation from friends on Facebook, where all of my runs are automatically posted. Thanks to a challenge we've set up in the frog Milan Studio, I've pushed my limits much farther than I would have ever expected only a month ago.

You might wonder why this should matter to you. Well, it's a long story and for the purpose of this post we'll keep it short: global changing factors such as aging population, growing incidence of chronic diseases and sky-rocketing costs are undermining the healthcare system as we know it.